Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Night Fall

Wow, the days seem so short right now. I can't believe that darkness arrives at 4:30pm. I love the evening time so much and miss the warm summer nights under the starts in the hammock, around the fire, and just enjoying the quiet that surrounds me and the warmth from the day still in the air.
November in Maine is a very beautiful time of year. One of my favorites. I love the color burst of the leaves that seem to appear overnight. I love the cracking fire that is non stop in my woodstove now that the days and nights have cooled off, and I love baking cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin smelling foods coming from my kitchen that really give the flavor and scents of autumn. The only thing I hate is the night creeping up so fast. It's day and then night has come as quick as as thief. It steals the colors, the beauty of the autumn day.
Living here is good.. but a place where daylight lasts longer would be better.


Kathleen said...

It feels like 10 PM at night sometimes, and it's only like 7 PM, but at that time, it's already been dark for 3 hours. I've decided to make a date nut bread today, and some scones. I only wish I had some of that divine clotted cream...if you ever find any let me know. Hope you love the surprise I sent you in the mail. XO

pedalpower said...

Hello! I found you through your comment on One Woman's Cottage Life. I hope you will be posting photos of your home. We have several things in common. We also live in an old home we purchased and have been working on since 1988. I have a 21 yo son and a 18 yo daughter. My youngest just went to college this year. I love to make things out of stuff that most people would throw away. I'm going to add you to my blog list so I can follow your blog.