Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Past

As I'm getting ready for Christmas, I love to look back at the years gone by. I went through my family photos and my husbands, and our's together and came up with a time line of pictures from our past.
It was a lot of fun putting them together and remembering the Christmas' gone by. I lost my mom and step-dad about 6 years ago and my husband his father about 14 years ago. It will be fun for friends and our children to look back over the past years starting in 1966 with my Christmas photo from my childhood in Massachusetts with my siblings.
Hope it inspires you to bring a little of "Christmas Past" into "Christmas Present".. blessings to all,,Tracey


Kathleen said...

OMG Trace....wher and when did you come up with this fabulous idea? I just love it. How brilliant to have a clothespin with the date holding the photo from that year. I am so impressed, it is something we all need to remember. The importance of family in our lives, and to rememer loved ones. Well done little sister! love, Kath

Michelle said...

What a wonderful idea! How special.....oh I would love to do this with my mantel! mother is coming to visit. Maybe I will! Hope you don't mind me copying. :) I lost my father 5 years ago and it seems Christmas has never been the same since. It was my father's favorite holiday and he would bake and decorate and bring out his Dickens Christmas village. *sigh*.