Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I have been given the Christmas Spirit Award by Michelle over at chocolateandmarmaladetea. Michelle has the sweetest spirit, kind words always and fast become a great friend in BlogLand. This is my first award and I can't thank her enough.. She is the Spirit of Christmas.
Here are the rules: Good manners dictate thanking (and linking to) the person who gave you the award. Then simply list five things you love about Christmas and pay the meme forward by tagging as many people as you'd like to. To keep the Christmas spirit flowing, be a good sport and tag at least one person.
Here are my favorite things:
1. Family.. I love getting together with my family and talk abuot things past and remember Christmas' we had as young children

2. Decorating. I love to decorate my home with snowmen, snowmen and more snowmen! I love the colors of Christmas, traditional and non-traditional.

3. Food. All kinds. We have our family favorites, Meat Pie, pumpkin pies, cookies and candies.

4. Craft Fairs..I'm addicted. I can't even tell you how many I've been to this year.

5. Wrapping Gifts..the more elaborate the better. I love to find ways to wrap that aren't always the "norm".

Michelle, you deserved this award so much and thank you for thinking of me...

So I'm tagging the following people to the Christmas Spirit Award.


Michelle said...

Tracey, thank you for the kind are just as sweet! :)

Cathy said...

Thank you for tagging me with the Christmas Spirit Award. By the time I was able to think about it, Christmas was already past. (Hmmm...maybe not so much Christmas Spirit after all!!) But, we had a wonderful Christmas and then a quick getaway and are now home looking forward to our regular routines. I'm hoping to be more regular with my blog as I've been such a slacker. :)