Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas at Home.

Well today I took some pics of my Christmas trees in my Home. I love decorations, trees and snowmen so much that I have to share them. Enjoy the trees and the decorations....
blessings to all..Tracey


Kathleen said...

I love the ribbons on the trees, it makes the tree look so sophisticated. Your snowman tree is adorable...have you counted how many you have? I'd be interested to find out. You have always decorated your home like a professional, I'm so jealous. Love ya sis! Kath

Michelle said...

Hi Tracey!

I love your trees. I've never done the ribbon thing because I'm afraid my cats will try to rip them down, thus bringing the tree down with it. Ha! Thanks for your comment today! As far as my pics go...I just search for hours on the internet...or it's just that I have no life. Lol!