Saturday, December 27, 2008

The true meaning of Christmas..

I've hesitated posting this story, but feel that the season deserves a wonderful story about the true meaning of Christmas. My husband was home on Christmas Eve while I was at work. That is the fortunate part of the story. Just as our rural mail carrier was delivering the last of the Christmas mail, his radiator hose broke loose right at our mail box.

He came to our door and asked to use the phone and quickly tried to make the repair. Unfortunately there were few hardware stores that were open that day. So my husband hopped into his truck and headed to the closest hardware store that might be open.. it was about 7 miles away. The mail carrier had no money to pay for the hose, so my husband brought him to the store, paid for the part and helped him install the hose. He was off delivering the rest of his mail in about 2 hours.

When I came home my husband told me the story and filled my heart with pride and love for him helping out someone in need, especially on Christmas Eve.. it made it even sweeter.

So, on Friday, very unexpectedly a knock on our door came and it was our mail carrier. He had left a card for us and thanked my husband again. When we opened the card there was money, and a gift card from TGIFridays, and a note.... Thank you for your help on Wednesday, I don't thinkyou know how much I appreciate your generosity and kindness. Unfortunately you just don't see it very much anymore. If we could only have more Jim's in this world. Thank you, I wish you and your wife and family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

That is what Christmas is the unexpected for those in need and not expecting anything... I love my husband for his unselfish ways.. I'm glad there is at least One Jim in this world.


Sher said...

Beautiful post Tracey, and I am glad you shared it. My husband is that way too. It comes straight from the Bible, and you are right in being proud of your Jim. The bible says to give, to sacrifice of yourself, and the rewards will be great. Good things will be multiplied for good deeds done. Thank you for sharing this - I loved reading it! xoxo Sherri

Kathleen said...

Well Sister, you have a keeper there. Jim is one of a kind. Knowing Jim, I am not surprised he helped out. That is the kind of man he is. Aren't you grateful you married him? Everything happens for a reason, you know. I'm happy you told this story. Here at our house, Jim is #1...mush love, Kath

Tracey said...

thank you Sher for leaving your post. Yes, my husband is a very wonderful man and lives his life the way God would expect him to.. Merry Christmas to you..Tracey

Michelle said...

Tracey, that is the sweetest story. Stories like this warm my heart and give me hope and faith that there are more people like are a lucky gal.

Tracey said...

Thanks Michelle,, I think I am too. You just wait..the perfect man is out there..don't settle for less.