Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hot Chocolate

What could be better on a cold winter night in Maine than a cup of Hot Chocolate with whipped cream in a pretty pink cup? Nothing I can think of......enjoy!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Love at Christmas

This time of year makes me think of Love. The love the Lord had for us so he sent his only son to become man and come to this earth and bear the sins of the World. The love I have for my husband and all he does for my family. The love for my children so that I want to make sure they never hurt and need anything. The love for my siblings and family members that when I am in need of conversation, a shoulder to cry on or just a laugh, they are there.

I came across this book at a white elephant sale at a craft fair. It's all about love. The deep unmoving, tragic, heart breaking, soul filling kind of love that seems so rare these days. It's a great book with love letters from the sender in little envelopes on pages of great lovers of our time.."The Brownings", Henry viii and Ann Boelyn, George Sands.. and many more.