Saturday, December 27, 2008

The true meaning of Christmas..

I've hesitated posting this story, but feel that the season deserves a wonderful story about the true meaning of Christmas. My husband was home on Christmas Eve while I was at work. That is the fortunate part of the story. Just as our rural mail carrier was delivering the last of the Christmas mail, his radiator hose broke loose right at our mail box.

He came to our door and asked to use the phone and quickly tried to make the repair. Unfortunately there were few hardware stores that were open that day. So my husband hopped into his truck and headed to the closest hardware store that might be open.. it was about 7 miles away. The mail carrier had no money to pay for the hose, so my husband brought him to the store, paid for the part and helped him install the hose. He was off delivering the rest of his mail in about 2 hours.

When I came home my husband told me the story and filled my heart with pride and love for him helping out someone in need, especially on Christmas Eve.. it made it even sweeter.

So, on Friday, very unexpectedly a knock on our door came and it was our mail carrier. He had left a card for us and thanked my husband again. When we opened the card there was money, and a gift card from TGIFridays, and a note.... Thank you for your help on Wednesday, I don't thinkyou know how much I appreciate your generosity and kindness. Unfortunately you just don't see it very much anymore. If we could only have more Jim's in this world. Thank you, I wish you and your wife and family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

That is what Christmas is the unexpected for those in need and not expecting anything... I love my husband for his unselfish ways.. I'm glad there is at least One Jim in this world.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve...

Well, it's about 10:00pm and the wrappings are left, there is food still to be put away and the kids have gone. What a wonderful Christmas! I love being with my family and to spend the time together and going to church and sharing gifts and conversation.

We decided to have stews for Christmas Eve dinner... simple and very easy. Bread, beef stew, lobster stew and apple pie for desserts! Yum!! Here is a pic of the lobsters before they we picked apart for the stew. They were delicious!!
My two daughters were here tonight with their partners. My husband and I love our girls and cherish when we can all get together... Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night!


I have been given the Christmas Spirit Award by Michelle over at chocolateandmarmaladetea. Michelle has the sweetest spirit, kind words always and fast become a great friend in BlogLand. This is my first award and I can't thank her enough.. She is the Spirit of Christmas.
Here are the rules: Good manners dictate thanking (and linking to) the person who gave you the award. Then simply list five things you love about Christmas and pay the meme forward by tagging as many people as you'd like to. To keep the Christmas spirit flowing, be a good sport and tag at least one person.
Here are my favorite things:
1. Family.. I love getting together with my family and talk abuot things past and remember Christmas' we had as young children

2. Decorating. I love to decorate my home with snowmen, snowmen and more snowmen! I love the colors of Christmas, traditional and non-traditional.

3. Food. All kinds. We have our family favorites, Meat Pie, pumpkin pies, cookies and candies.

4. Craft Fairs..I'm addicted. I can't even tell you how many I've been to this year.

5. Wrapping Gifts..the more elaborate the better. I love to find ways to wrap that aren't always the "norm".

Michelle, you deserved this award so much and thank you for thinking of me...

So I'm tagging the following people to the Christmas Spirit Award.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Friday I had a Christmas party at work an my husband was wonderful enough to prepare my veggie platter for the occasion. I love how he color coded the veggies in the platter,, red,green,red,green.....

I also had the pleasure of having my children, brother, sister-in-law and my sister over yesterday to celebrate Christmas. We all live far apart , but it was great to get together and relive memories and laugh and look back over the past years when we were younger and had our Christmas together.

My family loves my Cat, Bully, (aka, Bully Boy).. he is a great cat, very spoiled and loved very much. He is like a little dog... he cuddles, begs for food and loves to have his head rubbed.
We love our Bully Boy.. hope you do too!