Saturday, January 17, 2009

Back on the Ridge

Shopping, Shopping and more Shopping. That's what my sister and I did for a whole day..( I continued today on my way back home) I can say that I am totally fried!! I never thought I'd get tird from shopping, but I think I really did my self in this weekend. We went to thrift stores, Goodwill, Target, Joanne Fabrics, TJ Maxx and more. I'm exhausted but wanted to post some of the great finds that I captured over the weekend.. Just look at this shoe..How could I have passed it up?? and the cake stand,, look at those hearts.

Material, vases, scarves, valentine decor, christmas decor... and more.. Have a good weekend and Holiday on Monday ( if you happen to have it off,,YEAH!! I do... blessings to all and have a
great night!!


Joanne Kennedy said...

Ooh you got some great things! Shopping can poop out the best of us. LOL

Thanks for the kind remarks on my party and of course you can use any of the ideas for your own party! I would love it if you did.


Tracey said...

Joanne,,you do deserve an Oscar.. your the bomb!! thanks so much !!

Miss(es) Canadian Pie said...

Score! Lucky you! I sure do wish I could have gone to TJ Maxx this weekend. Glad you had a a lot of fun.

Michelle said...

Tracey looks like you are having a great time! Those are all some of my favorite stores you stopped off at! I'm jealous...but kinda glad because I would have shopped 'til I dropped too. I get Monday off too! Yay!!!! I think Monday will be a vacation for Quincy when Paris, my niece, goes home. Poor thing is being strangled by her daily. LOL

Tracey said...

Thanks so much for your great comments.. Mandi and Michelle you both rock and I love that we all like the same things.. wish we could all go shopping together some day.. wouldn't that be amazing!!!

Kathleen said...

I'm the lucky one that got to shop with you! THank you so much for making the trip north to spend some time with me. I hope you know how much I appreciate it. We did manage to find some great deals, and wow, didn't we talk a lot. Love the shoe and the cake stand...and all the other little goodies. I was looking over my treasures last night and am pretty pleased too! LOve you Sis, for all you do, and your big heart! Kath