Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dream Book

The beginning of the year creates resolutions.. I've decided to try a dream book. A book filled with my dreams, goals and things that inspire me.
The cover has pictures, phrases, and words that somehow touch me in a certain way. Everytime I look at the cover I can picture a goal that I'd like to achieve and some things that just make me feel good. Inside the book, doodle, write, jot down ideas, glue pictures anything you desire. To start, begin the book with everything that bugs you.. unfinished woodwork in the living room, a baseboard not complete in the bathroom, or just a picture I'd like to hang.. little things or big things. Once they are written down you can begin to get them out of your mind and in a
manageable place to look at each one .... one at a time.
So it goes... my dream book/ goal book to help me really achieve the things I'd like in my future.


Kathleen said...

Fabulous idea. I guess I should start something like that. Gotta figure out my goals first.We are bracing for another storm, they are saying 8-10 inches of snow for us. Guess I will stay snug and cozy in the house today...Got lots to do anyway. Thank you for sharing your ideas...ove ya, Kath

Michelle said...

Oh I love it Tracey. I really need to get back to my "Dream Board" that I started last year.
Also, I have a gift for you at my place when you get a chance! Have a great day!

The Blonde Duck said...

I found your blog through Ashley's and wanted to say hi! Congrats on your award!

Miss(es) Canadian Pie said...

Hi Tracey! So excited that you came by my blog! Your comments were so sweet and really just made me feel so good. I was all to excited to pop on over to your blog and check it out. I love this post about starting a dream book. I've been wanting to do this for my home. I sometimes get too scattered when it comes to decorating my home (it's pretty new to us and I'm new to even owning a home) so I'm trying not to make too many mistakes...but that fear makes me do nothing! I need to really start a dream book. I'm off to go read some of your past blogs!! So nice to meet you!! -Mandi