Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Night at the Theater

My husband and I spent a night at the local Professional theater in Lewiston. The play was "The 13th of Paris". It was a wonderful play about love, finding it and keeping it. We laughed, and cried and in the end could relate to how each character saw love. We each see it very differently, some of us (me) are all about romantic love..others, (my husband) are all about that stable, secure, never doubting love. No matter how we see it, Love is special, enduring, lasting, and a living thing.... you need to water it, feed it, re-pot sometimes, and prune once in a while.. but it is a growing , changing, living thing.... feed you love today... oh, and Lady Caroline was ready to head out the door too.. I told her not tonight,,,,tonight is for lovers!!


Michelle said...

What a wonderful night out it sounds like you had, Tracey! I wish I could have seen the play. I love it when all emotions come out when I'm watching something. :)

Kathleen said...

Really happy to hear you had a great night. I am looking forward to our shopping trip. Talk to you soon, Kath

Joanne Kennedy said...

How lovely you got to go with your husband to see that great play. It sounds like something I would love to see. Hope it comes here someday.

Hey, a fellow cake plate collector! Can you please email me your address so I can send you a little something!

My email is

Thanks and hugs,

Small House said...

Don't you just love the theatre? Poor Caroline, all dressed up and no where to go. She's lookin good though. It's great how you change her up!!

Have a great day.