Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Celtic Tuesdays.. in Maine

Last night my husband and I visited a performing arts center in Lewiston called, The Franco-American Heritage Center"... it used to be the old St. Mary's Church. The church has been revamped inside for performing arts of all kinds and to hold the history of the Franco-American's that were once so prominent in this area. They even serve raspberry filled crepes (a very french dessert) during intermission with drinks, water, soda, beer or a glass of champagne!!

Well starting last night,, there is a performance called "Celtic Tuesdays".. we saw a wonderful sister band from Scotland last night and they were GREAT!! I love celtic music and the venue was perfect to listen to this wonderful group. They played traditional celtic music and some different tunes as well. I bought one of their CD's and can't wait to listen to it today.

It was a perfect evening and something different to do on a Tuesday night.. can't wait for next month!!


Kathleen said...

Your husband is a gem for going with you to all these events. LL has to be dragged everywhere. What a beautiful buidling, I have never been inside, and I think it is just gorgeous. Looks like LL will take me to the hospital. If you need info, just call him. Hope you have a wonderful day TRace, love, Kath

Small House said...

How fun to be able to attend this live, and not on PBS like me.

Sounds like it was a great night, and wonderful intermission. Yum, raspberry filled crepes.
Have a great day.

Michelle said...

How fun!! I love Celtic music. They had something on our public broadcasting with a group of women like this. Some of them played instruments (violin). Love that! Sounds like you had a great time. I want one of those raspberry filled crepes. My stomach is grumbling now.

August Rose said...

Sounds like a fun time. O'w and the desserts. Ymmye

Joy said...

I'm just now seeing this post--- the place looks beautiful. How nice to be able to do something different and fun. Give us a review on next month's program also.