Sunday, April 5, 2009

Palm Sunday

Today in the Christian world is the Sunday when Christ rode into Jerusalem and was hailed by all.. Hosana in the Highest!! He came into the city riding on a donkey to proclaim his kingdom..only to be crucified and persecuted a week later by the same people who were chanting his name and hailing praises to him.

Reflection today to think about all Jesus sacrificed to give you and I an eternal life in Heaven with Him!! Glorious isn't it?!!


Michelle said...

I was thinking of that earlier today in the car. :) I was looking at the beautiful countryside as I was driving to my girlfriend's house and thought of how God gave us thos glorious world...and how Jesus sacrificed for us. Hope you had a wonderful weekend, Tracey!!

Small House said...

This is a wonderful week to reflect and think of the great sacrifice made in our behalf.

Have a wonderful day.

August Rose said...

Yes, it is an amazing and humbling thought. That my best is not worthy of Jesus the Savior. We are studying The Shroud of Turin; it is a DVD that Discovery has. The scientist are trying to prove that it did or did not cover Jesus the Man. If you like history; this links true historical facts to the life of Jesus and his death on the cross. This is where the doubters become believers.

Cathy said...

Tracey, The website is:
They are also having another conference in June. It has been awesome!!!!

Joy said...

Yes, we are so blessed--what a gift God gave us in His Son, Jesus Christ. I think about that also, Jesus taking my sin upon Himself and dying for me--- very humbling. And what hope we have--not just here on earth but the hope and acknowledgment that we will be with saved loved ones after death. A Blessed Easter to you, Tracey.