Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Making of Goat Cheese

My neighbor has some very cute little goats... so last year I asked her for some milk to make cheese and she gave me some. My first attempt and it was good.
So I was surprised when she called me this week and asked me again if I wanted her surplus of Goat's Milk,,, I jumped at the chance. I love Goat cheese. Anyway.. I got it home and went right to work. It may seem like it's a lot of work and difficult,, but believe me. I think it's easier than baking a pie.(I can't make a crust, but I can make cheese)

Here are my steps:
Bring the milk to a temp of 190 degrees to 200, add a 1/2 cup of vinegar right after you shut the heat off, stir only till the vinegar is completely in the pot. Let sit undisturbed till the temp gets to 100 degrees. Pour in a cheesecloth lined colander ( that's what cheesecloth is for, making cheese!!) Wrap up in the cloth and hang for the texture you want. The longer it hangs, the more hard of a cheese you get.

Unwrap and add you flavoring.. I love cracked fresh pepper and some Mediterranean sea salts with other spices.. it's up toyou..... enjoy.

Then just enjoy the fruits of your labor! Bon Appetit!


Dustjacket attic said...

Oh clever you, I'd probably muck it up! xxx

Kathleen said...

Goat cheese.....Lisa at Pink Porches would be so impressed (she has several goats...and I love goats) You have racked up quite a following. Ah you always were popular. It's off to the auction tonight..I want that enamel top table. If you get lonesome, call me. Lyle will be leaving next week (I hope, LOL) Much love, Your sis, Kath

Jessica Cangiano said...

That looks so tasty! I adore making things from scratch and have tried my hand at yogurt, cream cheese and buttermilk before, but not goat's cheese. Will have to get some goat's milk one of these days and give it a spin! :)

Have a beautiful, serene Sunday!
♥ Jessica

Finding Home said...

I love goat cheese! How neat that you can make your own. Your instructions made it seem so easy. There was a family at my church growing up who had about 100 goats...they were goat farmers and made all kinds of things with the milk like soap and fudge.

Michelle said...

Wow, Tracey! I'm really impressed. I have never made homemade cheese but I'd love to try. Yours looks perfect!! Maybe you need to buy some goats. ;)

Lots of hugs..