Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Drum Roll Please..... #100!!

I can't believe it's the 100th post for my blog. To think, last year when I started, Hannah was only beginning her senior year, Jim and I hadn't been married 3 years yet and I was at a job I didn't like. Well, a lot can happen in 10 months. I made new friends, sending my daughter off to college, changed jobs and enjoying life more now than ever!! I have all of you to thank for contributing to my wonderful, self-discovery during these past few months. I really can't thank all of you enough.
So, in honor of my 100th post and a tribute to the movie Julie and Julia.. which is fantastic!! My favorite things, Europe, cooking, and blogging! I am going to have a give away of some cute kitchen items.

There is an apron, 2 oven mitts, measuring cups and scrubbies, a small cute cookbook, cupcake book marks and 4 magnets that I made!

So leave a comment and we'll figure out the rest later. I'll draw a name on Sunday and I'll let you know who wins!! Good luck and thank you all for your creative thoughts, ideas, encouragement, support and laughs. This blog world is a wonderful place!


Simone said...

I am a quite new to your blog but just wanted to say congratulations on your 100th post, that is quite something.....and congrats too on the good things that have happened since you have been writing it.

I am in England so don't worry about putting me in the draw....I look forward to following your next 100 though :)

Best wishes,
Simone :)

Michelle said...

Tracey congratulations!!! I am so thankful we met and so glad for our friendship. You have given me so much good advice in the time that we have known each other and I truly have appreciated it. You made me think twice about how much I need to take care of myself! You are such a good soul and have such a caring heart. Thank YOU. I can't believe it's already 100 posts!! I love everything in your giveaway so pick me! Pick me! If not...continuing your blog is a good enough prize for me. :)

Lots of hugs!! xoxo


Andrea said...

Congratulations. I realized resently I have passed my 100th blog post. I will post about it soon.

Joella said...

Too cute...looove those magnets:)

Kathleen said...

Well you are. Comgratulations on your 100th blog post. Who ever thought we would be in love with this so much. I love the great goodies in your give-away.....that coffee-print whatever it is, and I dearly love the magnets you made. I will be telling friends on my blog about the celebration! Love you! Kath

Lisa said...





MissRedLips said...

congrats on your 100th post!!! how exciting! i'm so happy to hear how great everything is going for you right now!! i'm glad i've "met" you here!

btw, did you see julia and julia yet? i want to!

Karyn Bernard said...

Congratulations Tracey! I'm so glad that I've gotten to know you through blogging, you are truly a sweet and special lady! I really enjoy your blog and I look forward to your next 100!

Karyn (French Charming)

Maggi said...

Congrats on your 100th post, that is awesome! I love the magnets you made!

Joy said...

Hey Tracey, congrats! Blogging becomes a part of one's life, and I've enjoyed you sharing your day to day adventures and struggles. The artist in me loves those magnets! Very creative! Have a good one!

Small House said...

Happy 100 post anniversary!!!! I enjoy visiting! Keep em' coming!

Isn't it just crazy all that can happen in a year???

Love the giveaway.
Have a great day.

Dustjacket Attic said...


Wow a lot has happened for you in such a short time really.

Lovely getting to know you and it's been so great to read your comments, you know I love them.

Don't put me in the draw sweetie, bit far away and all that ;o

Dawn said...

Hi, over from Kathleen's! Please enter me, everything is adorable, congrats on your 100th post!

Musings of a Sea Witch said...

Pick me, Pick me. Ohhh, what wonderful 100th posting tresures you are giving away. (your sister sent me over and I'm so glad she did) Sea Witch

Allidink said...

Congratulations on 100 posts! How exciting :) Love this giveaway!

All the best,

Piney Rose said...

Add my name to your giveaway. Came over by the way of you sis!

Joy said...

I just stopped over from your sister's blog to check out your awesome giveaway! Would love for you to enter my name. Going to peruse your posts now! :o)

Mandi @ Finding Home said...

I have been so blessed by your friendship. I'm so incredibly thankful to have "met" you via our blogs. You truly are such a sweet gal. I appreciate your friendship so much. You inspire me and are such an encouragement. Congrats on 100!! What a cute bunch of goodies you are giving away. Here's to many more wonderful posts!

Debbie said...

Hello...I just found you via your sister Kathleen who is one of my favorite bloggers! I am a fellow Mainer. Congratulations on your 100th blog!! It's a lot of fun meeting people and having such a band of great bloggy friends isn't it! I look forward to getting to know you better in the upcoming months. I am under construction right now at my home and am away from the computer a lot but I have added you to my favs. Good luck with the giveaway! I'd love to be included...the items are adorable...especially the magnets you made! I see craftiness runs in the family!:)

Nora Johnson said...

Congrats on your 100th & on all the great things that have happened since you started!

Wonderful finding out more about you and always love to read your comments!

Don't put me in the draw either, dear Tracey - living here far away on the edge of Europe (& sanity!) - but I'm definitely looking forward to the next 100 posts!


Heavenly Housewife said...

Thats wonderfull!!! Congrats on your 100th post. I feel the same about you when it comes to blogging. I so enjoy it and really love all the fantastic people I've met.
*kisses* HH

Jessica Cangiano said...

I think it's so fantastic that we've both hit out 100th posts this week, that makes me heart smile - as did your immensely touching comment. Thank you so, so much, Tracey. You are such a kind, caring, amazing woman!

Tons of hugs - and all the best to you with the next hundred! :)

♥ Jessica