Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More Re-purposing of every day items

We had a small get together on Sunday as a last hurrah for Hannah going off to college. It was all planned to be outside, but of course , it rained!! So we moved the whole thing into my house, which is a very little house. It was fun and cozy and we had great conversation and laughs.
Here are a couple of things I pulled together to have outside around the eating area to freshen things up. I didnt' want to use my glass vases, so I came up with this idea and it was perfect.
The wine bottles, have also found new life as oil lamps.. I love these!!


Nora Johnson said...

What a great time you all must have had - despite the rain! So very cosy inside with those cute new oil lamps!

Good luck to Hannah too!

PS thanks for lovely comment - so with you about the swim cap, dress-cum-diaper & glued-on topknot!! You & I, Tracey, would outperform any of those catwalk gals!!xx

Maggi said...

So cute, I love that idea!

Small House said...

HOW FUN!!! Good idea for repurposing. And...are those lilacs? Must have smelled good to.
Have a good day.

Dustjacket Attic said...

So pleased it went well and you all had a great time together. Cool repurposing ideas too.

Jessica Cangiano said...

Adorable impromptu vases, I love using everyday items in cool and unexpected ways.

I hope you're well and having a beautiful week, sweet dear!

Oodles of hugs!
♥ Jessica