Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Furniture refurbishing....

As many of you know, I've been attending some auctions with my sister up near Bangor, Maine. These are a couple of items I located and bought at the most recent one I went to. They were in rough shape, but a little paint, and creativity and they look great. I painted the wicker chair a bright cherry red and added a new cover to the seat (which isn't shown in the before picture). I love how it came out and will share a spot in my living room. And for some reason, unknown to me, my camera ate the before picture of the little table. But, let me say, it was unpainted and rough. I used some chalkboard paint on the tabletop and painted the rest creamy white. I added some stamping to the drawer and used an old champagne cork at the drawer pull. Not bad,, I wish I had better hand writing. I have been up to some things with many more projects on the way.. Have a good day!


Kathleen said...

First off, I am so jealous. You are so damn creative and smart. Love love the chair. I can't believe it came out that cute....I remember us stuffing it into your little car..LOL. And the table. That table! Where did you get the ideas for that table? Too fabulous!!! I love the chalkboard, and the rubber stampings are just genius. You crafty little crafter you. Hugs, Your sis, Kath XO

Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh I just love it that your lovely sister comments, so lucky.

Love what you have done clever lil' lady.

Maggi said...

Wow, those turned out great!

Andrea said...

WOW~~I am impressed. Both turned out awesome!
Blessings, andrea

Small House said...

WOW....absolutely love it!!! DARN...wish there were some fun auctions to attend here. I'm thinking that being with your sister makes it even better!!!

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Greetings~ I'm finally back from my summer long blogcation.

Oh how I love repurposed furniture!
Antique wicker is one of my absolute favorites! The table with the french script is sooo creative. Thanks for sharing your treasures.

I read back through your past posts... I could empathize with the falling out with your friend. I too have had the misfortune of my friend of 25 years abandoning our friendship...without any word. Since this is her pattern of behavior,
I've always been the one to try desperately to find the fix. Even at the expense of my own well being.
Did you ever reach any resolve in your situation?

I've enjoyed catching up. Please stop by...I look forward to the return of your company.
Sweet wishes,

Mila said...

Very very creative!

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Holy Moly! What fabulous transformations!! I LOVE the chair and the table with the chalkboard top is amazing!!!


Michelle said...

OMG I love your chair and table makeover, Tracey!! Especially the table. What an awesome, awesome idea. I LOVE IT! I need to go paint something now. Lol!


Jessica Cangiano said...

That table is so fantastically pretty - not to mention creative! I just adore it, and think you have very nice, super legible handwriting.

Thank you for sharing your finds and creative DIY adventures with us! :)

Tons of hugs & joyful Friday wishes,
♥ Jessica

Joy said...

You chose a great color for the wicker chair--made it so fun looking. I love the champagne cork drawer pull--awesome idea, and the stamping was creative---I did that one time on our bedroom furniture. You took some great finds and made them so personal--I always think that is so much more rewarding than plunking down a lot of cash for something that comes off the factory floor. Good job, lady!

tales from an oc cottage said...

That table is soooooo fabulous!!

m ^..^