Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wow..two posts in the same weekend?? A weighty issue!

Good Morning to all.. I dont' know how many of you have this problem, but it runs in half my family and my sister and I are the ones that inheritied this issue.. we both have a weight issue.

My sister, over at Rural Maine Life, recently opened up about her weight issue. Well, she isn't the only one in the family with one. I have struggled my who life as well. Maybe not to the extent of my sis.. but it's always on my mind.

You see, we have two siblings that are relatively this.. I mean they are thin! One sister is really skinny.. she works at it, but has always been thin.. the bikini flaunting, "See how thin I am" person.

So, I guess I'm writing this to let my sister know she isn't alone.. I'm with her and I want her to just get healthy.. that's my mission right now.. lower the BMI, cholesterol, blood pressure and just get feeling better. So, if you can, visit her blog and let her know your thinking of her and encourage her with your story or support.

I have a selfish reason for doing this. Our mom passed away 7 years ago, and my sister is my best friend and my "other mother", (she is 12 years my senior, you'd never know it) so I want and need her to be around for a long time to be there for me and my children. I love her sooo much and she means the world to me. So help out and encourage her! I'm doing what I can , but it would be great for everyone to show support.. Thank you so much my friends.. I love you all for helping me out!!!


Kathleen said...

I'm crying (are you crying?). I will have to write more later. Thank you, my dear sister. LOve you, Kath

Maggi said...

What a sweet post, good luck to both of you!

Gingeyginge said...


Michelle said...

Awwww Tracey what a wonderful, heartfelt post. Almost made me cry! You guys are so close, I can so tell from the comments you leave with each other's blogs. I think Kathleen will do great with her goal! We will stick by her and encourage her all the way!! You guys are so lucky to have one another since your mother passed away.


Lots of love and hugs!

Michelle and the kitties

Small House said...

This is so something that we all struggle with at one point. I used to be such a skinny. I'm not anymore!!!! Love that you support your sister like this. What a wonderful relationship you two have. I enjoy visiting her blog as much as I enjoy yours.

Glad you can be warm while crafting this winter. Your daughters room reminds me of my daughters room. I need to go in and do the same thing you did!
Have a good day.

Joanne Kennedy said...

I know how you feel. My two sisters are my best friends too. We are so blessed, aren't we.

I joined WW with one of my sisters and we cheer for each other and help each other to stay on track.

It isn't easy. I've been big my whole life and I have no idea what skinny feels like. My two sisters used to be thin but as time went by they packed the pounds on too.

Someday I hope to know what thin feels like.