Friday, October 30, 2009

No wonder there is no time for blogging!!!

Okay,, I know I've been long between post, but let me tell you,, my life has kicked into overdrive and I'm just way toooooooo busy...

10am.. going out with my daughter and shopping
1pm... swimming at the ywca for exercise
2pm... doctor's appt.yearly.. yah, you know what I mean
3pm... chiropractor/ acupunture appt
5:3-=7:3-...zumba practice and class
8:00pm.. Jessica's hockey game and I should be at a bridal shower at the same time....

Phew... no wonder I'm tired.. but not lonely that's for sure.. Hubs leaves again a week from today.. Gotta stay busy to not get lonely.

Have a great day..hope your's isn't as busy as mine!!!


Maggi said...

Yikes, you have been busy! You're right though, sure way to not get lonely!

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

I know what you mean...I wonder if they can add an extra 8 hours sto each day?!

Have a wonderful weekend sweet friend!

Kathleen said...

I think being busy will be the name of the game for most of us from now, until after Christmas. My head is swimming with ides, plans, lists, etc. I am looking forward to seeing you and the girls next week. Love you, Kath

Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh busy girl for sure.

Happy Halloween,

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Thanks so much for visiting! Busy is fun but can be a bit overwhelming at times! Have a great and blessed Sunday! Hugs, Coralie

Jessica Cangiano said...

Oh my goodness, hope you find a few moments to catch your breath, sweet dear, that sounds like super jam-packed day! A lot of my last week was similarily harried, but I'm hoping for a more relaxed one as we ease into the beginning of November.

I'm delighted to know that my (admittedly lengthy) letter reached you. I hope you can read my handwriting, I always worry that it's hard to read and know that on my "rough" days, it becomes even shakier. If ever you can't decipher it, please just let me know and I'd be happy to print instead (lol, assuming that would be more legible).

Thank you dearly for all of your wonderful comments, I love hearing from you, and really hope that you had a marvelous Halloween!

Tons of hugs & blessings for November!!!
♥ Jessica

Dawn said... know you're in real trouble if you find yourself scheduling in a shower :)
Hope you had a Happy Halloween.

Sea Witch said...

I love a gal who has a rich and full life. We are all so blessed to have these many opportunties to enrich our lives in so many ways. My best to your soldier. Sea Witch

Gingeyginge said...

Thank you for your comment...

Joanne Kennedy said...

You are one busy lady! Love that you are doing so much exercise.

Glad you are joining the Challenge over at my blog. We will be able to lose 10 lbs by New Years with no problem!

My weigh in day is also on Tues! I think it's a good day. Not to far from the weekend but close enough to keep you on plan because you know weigh in is coming. LOL

I just found some Zumba classes near me and I'm going to join up. Can't wait! They sound so fun.

Oh and YES I will be posting some reciepes before the holidays that are WW friendly.


Joy said...

Zumba? My friend teaches Middle Eastern Dance classes and I went to watch--takes a lot of co-ordination. I thought about trying it, but ow! I hurt my back trying to do a move!