Friday, November 20, 2009

Husband is home today

It's really early and I'm getting ready to head to the airport to pick up my husband.. this has been the longest two weeks ever. He has been gone a lot lately and will be leaving for overseas in March... I'm just happy to be getting hime today.. Missed him bunches!!!


Heavenly Housewife said...

Unfortunately, I know exactly how u feel. My Mr. P is always working far away and sometimes we can go along time without seeing each other. Its hard :(. Hope you and your hubbs have a wonderful weekend together!!!

Sea Witch said...

How wonderful for you. I wish the two of you a fantatic weekend together. Sea Witch

Small House said...

SO glad your husband is coming home! Enjoy your weekend with him!

Dawn said...

Have Fun! Life is way too short!

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Hi Tracey,

Enjoy your hubby, enjoy your time togeter and soak up every minute!

Love and hugs,

Gingeyginge said...

Thank you for stopping by...Have a lovely weekend together x

Maggi said...

Yay! So glad he's home! Have a great weekend!

Jessica Cangiano said...

That's soooo wonderful, Tracey, I'm bursting with happiness for both of you!

Hope you have a gorgeous Monday & week ahead!
♥ Jessica


While out "Flickr hunting" tonight, I came across the most endearing vintage illustration that instantly made me think of you and your DH: