Friday, February 27, 2009

A cheap Idea

If you havent' picked up the new mag, "Sandra Lee's Semi-Homade",, do it now!! Michelle over at Chocolate and Marmalade Tea inspired me to pick up this great magazine. In it showed a great and inexpensive idea for a diffuser. So here is my take on this great and cheap project...I bought the little glass container at Goodwill for 0.99 and bought the bottle of Ocean Mist potpourri for 2.97 at Walmart, and had the bamboo skewers in the kitchen drawer. Easy as that! Don't forget to turn the skewers every 3 days or so... sit back and enjoy!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oh yeah, It's my Birthday!!

Can't believe it,,,47! Where did the time go by. I still feel like 36 and if you ask my daughter Jess, she'll tell you that I am 36... things are great!! Come and join in the fun!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Up and About..

Well, I had to get up and finally do a litttle something today. Eight days is bed is enough. I still feel terrible, but felt I needed to make something to post. So, I made this great hanger for my earrings. I used a picture frame, actually a wedding gift. I dont' really like 8x10 pictures, I think they are too big so I re-used the frame to make a hanger for my many pairs of earrings. I saw this at a craft fair this past fall and decided it was time. It was easy and literally only took minutes to make. Thanks for all the well wishes...feeling a tad better.