Friday, April 24, 2009

The Yard Sale

Okay, we've all been there. Waking up early, getting that first cup of coffee, getting the morning paper and then,, mapping out the route of yard sales in your area. Oh, it can be exciting and very hectic that first thing in the morning.. 7am,,, early birds, just waiting to cross off the first of many sales that you anticipate visiting on that Friday or Saturday morning.

You get in the car and head off down the road. Now remember, you have your coffee, your paper and as you approach your first yard sale you casually look over and do a slow drive by. You see clothes, clothes and more clothes. There is a table of baby toys and nothing much else. So you continue your slow drive by and say, " There's nothing there,, I'll try the next one. " Cross off the list!
You keep driving and you can see all the cars parked along the side of the road,, you know it's coming up so you again slow down and pull up behind a station wagon full of kids. Oh,, this can't be good. The ad stated, " Something for everyone. Household items, furniture and kitchen items. Sounds impressive. You step out of the car to find one table. Disappointed you still hope for more in the garage or just not put out yet,,, your not an EARLY BIRD. You approach the table and on it is a container full of candle stubs ...1/2 burned and thrown into a plastic pretzel container...Wow.. all for 1.00!!. Then you see sandals for sale, they look like Jesus could have walked in them and they are tossed in a box for sale,, Each pair only 2.00. Oh,,it's getting better. Walking over to the household items and there you see it , the bargin of the day. A cast iron pan. Only problem, someone made breakfast in it and then instead of washing it added it to the yard sale for 5.00. Oh can it be.. a dirty pan for only 5.00!!
Okay, not all yard sales are like this, but I have to say, more and more I go to I think to myself, what are they thinking. I would never even think of putting something so used, dirty, broken, have burned on a table to sell to people looking for actual deals. This may only happen in Maine, but I think not. If you've had a similar experience when you just can't believe what people are selling,, leave a message, I'd love to hear about it. .. Oh and Happy Yard Saling!!