Thursday, July 30, 2009

Auction Finds

Here are my auction finds from last week... I really love the quilt and the table that the bean pot is on.. does anyone other than Mainers still bake beans?

I also love this picture of the mother and child.. I paid a little more than I thought, but love it! I also have a collection of hand mirrors going so this mirror that is monogrammed if beautiful. The old year books and pocket watch are perfect. I love finding things that are from another era and wonder what those people were like that use to own these items.

Hope you enjoy.... Hubby home in 2 days!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Gone Country...

Went to an old country auction with my sister this past Saturday... I mean country. I thought I lived far out.. I drove north to Bangor and then kept driving.. I thought to myself.."Who lives out here?". Anyway, had a lot of fun. Bought an old quilt for 5.00.. a mortar and pedestal made in Italy for about 10.00 and a table and pictures, and a bean pot! I didn't spend a lot and had more fun that a pig in poo...Kept me busy from thinking about hubby.. Saturday night is slated for his return but you never know about planes and such.. maybe it won't be till Sunday. So, another wet Monday here in Maine, so off to work and get started on another week. Have a great day all my blog friends and thank you for all your support!!
(Oh, and my friend and I talked and we are going out of Saturday together).. thank you all!!