Friday, August 7, 2009

Lover of OOPS paint!

I love oops paint! You know the paint that gets mixed and isn't the right color, or the person who brings back a can and says it doesn't match the gallon from before. I love it! You can get a gallon can for 5.00 and a quart for as low at 1.00. I got these Ralph Lauren colors for 1.00 a can at Home Depot!! And the little jars were on .25cents,, great for crafting.

If you never dropped by the oops paint shelf, do yourself a favor and check it out! Have a great day everyone and this is my 99th post...what will I do for the 100th?? Not sure yet, but check back and find out!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I may Join the Army....

If being in the army is about leaving your home life behind and all the troubles of your "normal" life, I may just do it!!..... Just kidding. But it has been 4 days since hubs has been home and let me tell you, what an adjustment. While he was off in Europe, yes working, but also enjoy museums, eating out and such, I was back on the homefront taking care of broken down lawnmowers, fallen trees, wet basements, a college bound 18 year old. Then he comes home and it takes so long for him to reaclimate to being home it's awful. I know this happens all the time to him, but to think I have upcoming months of him being gone and have to readjust everytime he comes back...Well, next time I may go on deployment and leave him to the mundane life of HOME!