Friday, September 11, 2009

"Mother India"

Jim and I went to a great restaurant in Lewiston last night...Mother India. I've never had Indian food or anything even close to it. I've read a lot about this place and love to try new things, so I decided we would get out and discover some new cuisine.
Wow.. I loved it!! The food , the smells, the spices! It was just great. All the cardamon...saffron, curry, nuts,,yum!!!
We had Punjabi Nan.. a coconut stuffed bread with saffron and yummy sweet spices. Biryani,,which had lamb, shrimp, chicken and basmati rice and nuts, raisins... was sooooo good and for dessert a dish called kulfee.. a pistachio ice cream with more nuts..

I am so happy we discovered this little place in a very unique setting. The food was good, the atmosphere beautiful and the service was excellent. Happy to try new things.. you never know what you might discover!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Can you believe it.. Another Festival!

This one is Greek and it's this weekend in Lewiston. I love this festival. It is so much fun and the food... well the food!!! There is Greek dancing, Greek Food, pastry, a raffle, a white elephant table and a Taverna!!
It's so much fun to learn about another culture and get to enjoy it with people who really know about it and live it every day. They have a church tour also to explain what Greek Orthodox is and a little deeper about their faith. It's a great time to get out and enjoy all the food.. especially the pastry!!