Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Work Day Surprise!

Well, my husband must have psychic abilities, after my complaining this morning..look what showed up at my work today....

Love the Hubs!!

While Hubs is away....

Wow,, I can't believe my husband has been gone again for over a week and is due home on Sunday. It's been a fast and busy time while he's been away, but I have noticed with him gone a couple of things.
1. My living room carpet is clean. Not nearly as much vacuming.
2. Less dishes in my sink. I only eat breakfast at home.
3. Where is all the dirty, ( I mean dirty) welding clothes to wash?? and towels...hardly any.
4. I can sleep soundly.. ( you know what I mean )
5. My kitchen table is clear from desbris, mail, papers, reciepts, ear plugs...........

I love my husband to pieces and really do miss him, but I never really realize just how messy a man can be around a house. My kids weren't this messy when they were home. Well, he'll be home in about 4 days and it's back to normal. Hope you all have a great day and enjoy this wonderful day!! October tomorrow!!!