Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A College Weekend

This past weekend I was able to go to parent weekend at Thomas College where Hannah is a freshman. What a great weekend to spend with my daughter. Her father was still away with the military so I ventured on my own. After registration time, with coffee and snacks, Hannah and I went back to her dorm room to drop off some of my things and headed back to the lunch area for a Bar-B -Q..well an indoor one as it was raining. We had a great lunch together and talked a lot. After lunch I headed to my bed and breakfast I was staying in to drop off my luggage and freshen up a little.

Soon, heading back to Thomas' with one little surprise. Hannah's father would be joining us..she was unaware. He showed up in uniform and we were both so happy to see him. Went to dinner, then a show at Thomas with a ventriliquist, she was great, and then a little late night Bingo!!! I sat with Hannah and her friends and what fun!! We had brunch the next day at school, there were soccer games, field hockey games and crafts to do.. so much for one weekend. We had a great time together and it felt good to see her in her enviroment. She'll be home this weekend and can't wait to see her again. Funny, I never thought I'd miss her this much. Have a great Tuesday and sorry for the long absent.