Friday, October 30, 2009

No wonder there is no time for blogging!!!

Okay,, I know I've been long between post, but let me tell you,, my life has kicked into overdrive and I'm just way toooooooo busy...

10am.. going out with my daughter and shopping
1pm... swimming at the ywca for exercise
2pm... doctor's appt.yearly.. yah, you know what I mean
3pm... chiropractor/ acupunture appt
5:3-=7:3-...zumba practice and class
8:00pm.. Jessica's hockey game and I should be at a bridal shower at the same time....

Phew... no wonder I'm tired.. but not lonely that's for sure.. Hubs leaves again a week from today.. Gotta stay busy to not get lonely.

Have a great day..hope your's isn't as busy as mine!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Kayak ride in Maine

Wow,, today was the most beautiful day we have had in a long time. Funny too, it was pouring yesterday and the rain never let up at all. My husband and I took full advantage of the blue sky and warm temperature.

We packed up our kayak's and headed to a close by river for a ride. The views were great, the company excellent and the weather, perfect.

Hubs in the kayak
The beautiful scenery God gave us to look at...He must really love us!