Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Case of Chaos

Well, here is a place not many people are allowed to peek into.... this is my room with a mound of clothes heaped on my bed.. with shots of my very messy closet, purse stack and other clothes is disaray... I'm working on getting this organized..
(see my stickers on my clothes)...I am going through and trying to keep only what I really can fit into and that I wear. It's been a challenge to donate things that I really love, but will never fit into or wear again. This is the beginning of my challenge to get more organize and reduce the clutter in my life. I hope to show pics soon of a more organized, scaled-down and clutter free closet with clothes I really love and things I actually wear and that I'm just not renting a place to. Good luck in your organizational challenges... have a wonderful Sunday!!


Gingeyginge said...

Thank you for your comment, hey that looks a lot like my layout,except my layout is layout all over the place...I really must get my act together.x.

Andrea said...

My closet is always the hardest place to begin.
Blessings, andrea

Kathleen said...

Love the photo of Ma on your sidebar. She was pretty hip in her day. Like, how many blazers did she have? She could have used your organizing skills. I give you credit for your committment to this project. I just found three big boxes of clothes in my basement FULL of clothes that I can't get into....(Too small), some from 20 years ago (OMG) and I just CANNOT and WILLNOT get rid of them. Oh dear, How I love my stuff. Hugs, Sis

Michelle said...

Oh YOUR closet looks neater than mine! No one will see mine. At least not now. Lol! Great idea though...and perfect for some early Spring cleaning!


Connie said...

I cleaned out two file drawers on Friday and it took hours! I hope when I get on top of it, my time will be cut to a minimum while cleaning. But in the meantime, look out!
Glad you showed us your closet. I don't dare show you mine, yet.

Dawn said...

I'm trying the same thing with my crafts, goodness! It's hard!

Dustjacket Attic said...

Way to go girl, you keep at it and you will feel great!

Small House said...

Ahhhh....the bedroom closet. Mine, well, it's a mess! I'm trying to get mine organized as well. A LITTLE at a time.

Nora Johnson said...

Well, that reminds me my closet needs springcleaning badly! Thanks, Tracey, for the reminder -I've been putting it far off too long!

xxNora & Lola:)
PS Yours looks heaps neater than mine!

Jessica Cangiano said...

Hi sweet dear, how are you doing? Thank you for sharing a peak inside your closets with us, it looks like you have many lovely items (and oodles of handbags - an accessory that a gal can certainly never have too many of, if you ask me ;D).

I think that there is something deeply cathartic about doing a thorough clean-out/organization of one's wardrobe. In parting with items from the past we give way to pieces that will help cloth and comfort us in the future.

Don't worry about items that may no longer be the right size, as they're fond of saying on the show What Not To Wear, "dress the body you have now". I love that sentiment and feel that it's one we should all live by when it comes to the clothing we chose to give a home to in our closets.

Wishing you a serene & beautiful Friday, my friend!
♥ Jessica