Thursday, January 14, 2010

A deleted Post....sorry..

I had to delete my last post, after reading all your lovely comments, due to a rouge post... it was very strange and I needed to get it out of my blog so no one clicked on it.. I think it was something not good.. I love all your comments and thank you to all for leaving such sweet thoughts.. I love my friends so much!!


Kathleen said...

Hope you are feeling better. Things here are quiet. Waiting on the auction for Saturday. Kath

Mandi @ Finding Home said... creepy. Why on earth do people do things like that? Sheesh. Hope you're having a great

Michelle said...

I've seen one of those on my posts, I think too. Horrible, just horrible! Hope all is well with you, Tracey!!

Lots of love.

Michelle and all the kitties :)

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

That recently happend to me as well Tracey! Happy Friday and I hope you enjoy the weekend!

Love and hugs Sweet Friend!

jordiegirl said...

Did you mean a rogue post? did someone actually put a post on your blog then? It wasn't just a comment?

How can someone do that and more to the point why would they want to?

There are some very strange people in the world, fortunately most of the ones on here are lovely.

Connie said...

Was it a comment? Is it possible to delete comments without deleting a post? I had a weird comment on mine and when I clicked on the sender, it took me to a strange site and I quickly got out of it.
Hope you have a great day!