Friday, January 8, 2010

My Motivation

Well, here they are!!

My motivation stickers. Bought them today for 1.00 at the Dollar Tree!! Great way to start my weekend and I'll show you pics of the things that are going to get stuck!
I had a good day, Target, Goodwill, Dollar Tree and a great little store in a small town "What to Wear".. it's a little "boutique like" consignment store. I bought a bag full of clothes for 14.00.. love to get a bargin. I brought 3 bags to Goodwill, so I could buy one bag of "new clothes" for me to replace what I got rid off!!

Have a great weekend,, get a box of stickers and go for it!!


Sea Witch said...

I'm heading off to Dollar Tree tomorrow ith my sister and will pick up a box of motivational stickers. How can you not miss for $1.00? That is some fiscally responsible motivation. Sea Witch

Andrea said...

Sounds like a great day. I love good will.

Connie said...

It must feel good to get rid of 3 bags of unwanted clothes and get 1 bag of new clothes for $14.00!
As I'm looking around my office, I can see several things that haven't been used in some time! It's time for me to de-clutter!

Small House said...

Have a great weekend to!

BINKSY said...

Have a lovely weekend!

Kathleen said...

I wish we had a dollar tree here in Millinocket. (sigh) I have been bringing a lot of clothes to the thrift store here in town. I have changed sizes a few times, in the process of losing weight. Now I go weekly, and look for clothes to buy in my new size. Hope you are having a great week-end. Will catch up with you soon. Love you, Kath

justjoycee said...

Sounds like a shopping day me and my mom enjoy, we always make it to Goodwill and every other thrift store along the way. And Dollar Tree is a must!