Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Short Blurb about Purpose.....

Since my daughter Hannah has been away at college, she started this fall, my life has been at a stall. At first it wasn't too bad not having her home. She came back every weekend and called often. It was like an extended vacation in the beginning. NOW... it's not the same. With the second semester of school starting in January, it has been a very difficult adjustment for me. She doesn't come home very often, not calling as much and even her facebook isn't updated as much as she use to. I was a very active mother for 25 years. Both children were involved in dance, sports, girl scouts, clubs, church, school activities and now.. nothing. I have in search of a purpose in my life again. I know this is a new season in my life and God has a purpose for me after being a very active, involved parent. The transition has been difficult. So,,, I'm ready "The Purpose Driven Life", to help me get a jump start on this new chapter in my life. I love being a mother, but my girls are growing up and I don't need to be quite as involved as I use to.....If someone had told me that I would be missing the hectic life I use to have, I would have said they were craZy. Wish me luck, pray for me and give some advice if you have gone through this.. I really could use some!! Happy Thursday!!


Andrea said...

It is a different season and GOD has BIG plans for you in this season, too.

PS: Sitka has an award for you at All Gods Creatures.

Kathleen said...

I think it depends on how busy you want to be. I always thought you would do well with an antique booth or some kind of craft business. But, depends how much time you want to spend, and how focused you want to be. Some volunteer work is good, too. Do something you love....and maybe you will have to look deep to find that. Oh what do I know, I haven't had a purpose most of my life....Hugs, Your Sista

Mandi @ Finding Home said...

I haven't been there - but I do know about new seasons in life. I too had led a very hectic (although very fulfilling) life filled with ministry - lots of traveling and speaking in other churches and youth groups. And now it's all slowed to nill. I'm learning a new thing - focusing on ministering to my husband and finding new purpose in this "slow" season of my life. You have me wanting to break out my copy of PDL. Such a wonderful book! I will be praying for you as you go through this time. I'm excited to hear the wonderful things that God is going to teach you.

Tracey, I have to tell you that for months and months I have been replying back to the comments that you left on my blog via email. And it was just today that I realized that I was replying to "no-reply commenter" so I doubt you have received any of my emails back. I feel so awful. I mean, horrible! I've responded to questions, to things that stirred my heart. I've sent thank yous and just plain ol' tried to tell you how you've encouraged me so much. I truly feel as though you are a friend - but I fear that you haven't received anything I've sent to you. Please know that for months (probably since we started following one another's blogs) I've been replying to most every comment that you sent. Please don't think I'm a jerk. I've always responded - just to no-reply commenter...and not you. I'm so sorry friend! Now I know.

Sea Witch said...

Sweetie, look at this as YOUR TIME. You have spent may years devoted to others around you, it is what women do. You have sent your children out into the world to become good citizens and establish a purpose in their lives. Now it is your turn. Learn a new skill, a language, open a shop, take painting or creative writing lessons. Join a gym, a women's group...learn to dive (sorry, that was the sea witch in me). God is blessing yu with time, time to do something for yourself and to give back. This is a wonderful gift you have in your lap right now, ENJOY IT. Sea Witch

Jen @ Canadian Rhapsody said...

Everyone has expressed a lot of really good advice. I think we often rush through life waiting for that next change - marriage, kids, kids moving on! - and its always kind of shocking how hard the adjustment is when it does come.

Thank you so much for your comments on my recent posts. I'm feeling very lucky and loved indeed, and baby and I are still doing well.
I hope you're having a wonderful week!

Joy said...

Yes, this is a new phase of your life. I would suggest exploring all your interests and enjoying yourself. I know this is a difficult time, maybe you feel as if you are not 'useful' anymore, but you were a 'person' before motherhood, and you are still that person. Rediscover who you are. I think now is the time that you will realize that you don't really care for some things that you thought you cared for before, maybe you went along with an activity just because you had to. Maybe you really didn't care for that activity... I have been through this sort of change myself, and you will come to know who you really are deep down inside. It is a growing time. Embrace this time in your life, because when that next phase comes around---Grandmother---you will have gained so much wisdom. Every phase of life is interesting and challenging.

pedalpower said...

I know just how you feel. I've been going through a similar thing since my daughter left for her freshman year last year. I was having a hard time moment I was supposed to know where she was at all times, the next, she was off at college and I'm supposed to let her have her space and independence! I know it's how it should be, but what an adjustment!

At first it was lots of tears and I was really at loose ends, even though I had reopened my shop. Now she's a sophomore and I'm learning to enjoy the extra time in the evenings, and I'm exploring where my talents and desires can take me in this new stage of life....I'm even thinking of selling some of my artwork.

Maybe you could use your interests in vintage things to sell vintage items, or your love of history to work as a docent in a local museum? I bet there are many organizations in your community who would love to take advantage of your talents!