Monday, June 7, 2010

Feeling Better

So, I am feeling better today, even after a very bleak and rainy weekend here in Maine. We even had a tornado in Auburn,, that doesn't happen here.. it was one weird thunderstorm! Getting my rooms upstairs done, hanging out with my daughter and just getting out of the house on Saturday, made me feel much better, (the doctor visit helped too!!).
I know life can throw a curve once in a while, but with me it happens so fast and comes on with no warning.. I hate it and my husband has a hard time coping with it as well. I think he feels helpless by not being able to make things better. He does know it will work and I'll be back to "normal" soon enough, but it still makes it difficult for him to understand.
High Anxiety,, that's what you might call it... I've been dealing with this for a long time and it is better but sometimes I get blindsided by it with not one ounce of warning.
So, I'm back and feeling myself and getting things done. Back to Zumba tonight and finishing up the upstairs this week and putting my house all back together.. should be a very productive week indeed!!!


grammie g said...

Oh Tracey do I ever hear what your saying!!! I am dealing will those things too---I'm not going to say I know exactly how you feel because I don't ---but the out of blue kick is just there --no warning and no one seems to understand unless they have been through it!!! Happy for you that your of to a better week--- I'll say a prayer for you!!!!

Kathleen said...

Oh Sista, I know how you feel. Life becomes a bit much all too easily. I feel a big funk coming on, myself.
Love, Kath

Nora Johnson said...

Hope things improve for you this week Tracey!


jordiegirl said...

Hi Tracey

Just popped over to say good evening - well it is evening here in good old blighty - that's England by the way.

I do hope you have had a lovely day today. Our weather has certainly taken a downturn lately with lots of cloud and showers which have even turned into downpours!!!! The rain was stotting off the roads and pavements on Tuesday evening. Jordie's dictonary: stotting = bouncing: pavements = sidewalk

I will try to remember to explain my English twang in future. Twang = way of speaking, dialect.