Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gotta Love Zumba!!!

It's what I do on a regular basis.....ZUMBA!! If you never heard of it.. try it and head to a class as fast as you can.

This is what I've been doing for regular exercise for over a year. It's been the one consistent thing in my life for the past year. I love how I feel, I love how I sweat, but most of all I love the women that I've become friends with.. That is what has kept me going!! Some people have difficulty sticking to an exercise program. I'm one of those people. I get bored. I get tired of doing the same thing over, and over again. Not with Zumba.. It's different every class. It's dancing. It's moving to great Latin music. I will say though the friends that I've made keeps me going and enjoying the class even more. These women have become a special part of my life and I feel very blessed for their continued support during what's been a difficult time for me since December. I am grateful to the special 5 friends that have been by my side and continue to be there for me...So find a class and you may be surprised to find a special group of friends as well!


Mandi @ Finding Home said...

I've been so intrigued by zumba! Everything I've heard about it is so positive. I really want to try it. I looked into classes here but they were out of our price range - but eventually I want to give it a go. I'm glad you've met such awesome women. That's always the scariest part for me - going alone and not knowing someone. I'm so glad you found such good friends to encourage you and keep you going strong.

Kathleen said...

I am so happy this is such a positive force in your life. Goodness knows we all need that. I hope to be able to start an aerobic exercise program again by August. Gotta do my PT stuff for now, and tighten up my core. I am feelin' good!
Hus and love, Your Sista

Connie said...

My daughter goes to Zumba class and LOVES it! It sounds a lot more fun than working out on a treadmill!

Nora Johnson said...

Got to find out more about this!!


grammie g said...

I Googled Zumba!!! Saw a video of how it is done ...more power to ya sister!!! Do to orders from my Doctor I don't think I'll be doing the """ZUMBA""" :} :} !!!

jordiegirl said...

Wow sounds great, I don't know of this, not sure if there are any classes around here.

I bought one of those vibration plate machines and went on it religiously for about 6 months then got out of the habit and it sits there staring at me from the corner of the room - I'm starting to feel guilty about the expense; although it was hubby who told me to buy it and he would use it too; he's never been on it at all!!! I will make an effort to use it again now that Mn has finished college for the summer as I will have a bit more time each day with not running him back and forth.

Now, to 'dirty stoppy out' - I knew when I typed that I should have also written an explanation - doh!!!! It's just something we say if people go out and stay out late - daft thing is we left the night club at 8.40pm so it wasn't late!!! Think they just called him that because it was his first time at a night club.

By the way another part of a car which we have a different word for is what you call the fender; we call it the bumper or bumper bar - perhaps cos that's what gets bumped if you crash into something!!!

I'll try to remember to type explanations in any other posts I do.