Tuesday, October 19, 2010

30 years later....

This weekend is my 30th Class Reunion~ Can't believe it's been 30 years since I graduated and was 18 years old. Where has the time gone?? Not sure. I am looking forward to it though. People I haven't seen in years and the music of the '80's.. gotta love it! So, of course I had to have my hair done and get rid of that gray.... a little blonder, please....
and so I'm ready to head out Saturday night, a blonder version of me, in a little black dress and red heels.. I think it will be perfect and comfortable. Not out to impress anyone,, I mean come on, we're all just about 50 and not the young teenagers we were back in the day. A little older, and a little wiser.

On another note, my hours were cut back at my job yesterday... that meant I went from 26 to 13.. so I'm going to take this opportunity to do some things in my home that I've been putting off and see just how much I can do on very little money!

It's a challeng I'm up for... I'll keep you posted on how well I can do! Have a wonderful day all and enjoy this 20th day of October!


Kathleen said...

I am loving your hair! As we get older it is always a good thing to go blond. Hides the gray better, and makes us look younger. I hope you have a great class reunion. Enjoy your time off.....everything happens for a reason.
Love you, Your Sista!

grammie g said...

Hey Tracey my Diva Friend...Your going to knock them dead!! ; }
Sorry about the hour cut ,but it seems your up for it!!
Love ya!!

Nora Johnson said...

Hope you enjoy the reunion!

XOXO Lola & Nora:)