Saturday, October 30, 2010

A day in Salem, Massachusetts

Yesterday I had a great day in Salem, Massachusetts. I've never been so close to Halloween and it was well worth the trip. I loved the atmosphere. Everyone was dressed, there were people in costumes pretending to be statues. The Witch Museum, the food and of course my day with my friend Jenn,,,, so enjoy the pictures.
A ghostly graveyard, where Salem witches were hung....see the orbs?
Jenn,,,getting Bewitched in Salem!
This was an actor dressed as a silver witch
Actors arresting Goodie Bishop to stand Trial!
A marker to remember Sarah Good
A museum all about Lizzie Bordon... did she take an Axe?
Me and Elizabeth Montgomery..
The Bronze Witch!


grammie g said...

Hi Tracey..I have a question for you ..I want to know if you got the name of the witch in the yellow sweater and red shoes? lol ; }
What a most interesting place that must be... who knows who is a real person or not!! eeeeeks!!!

Kathleen said...

I thought Jess was going? So glad to hear you had such a super time. I just love the photos!
Your Sista

Sea Witch said...

Oh, what a wonderful place. I adore Salem, one of my favorite towns. Looks like you had nicer weather to visit then I did last year. Froze my you know what's off. Sea Witch

thebasicsbypaulbyrondowns said...

What a great way to spend Halloween. Rich in history regarding the witch trials and interesting too.