Thursday, October 7, 2010


Do you ever wonder if there is such a thing as being too happy??? I know I do! I have been in a cycle of utter happiness lately. I wonder why that is? Nothing much has changed. In fact my daughter moved out, my oldest daughter broke up a 7 year relationship and I had a melt down a week ago, but still I AM HAPPY!!
A few years back, my life was very different. I was alone, and in a very unhappy relationship, but now.. things are so different I actually can't wait to see what each new day brings for me to enjoy.
I believe the difference is that I am trying to live a better life. Trying to do things the right way. Obey God and knowing that He is close to me and taking care of me and keeping Jesus a priority in my life and marriage.
I believe my treating others the way I'd want to be treated is key. I was making wrong choices and following the crowd and not my heart.. makes a big difference.
I am heading off to the fair tomorrow with my husband for the day.. I'll bring my camera to show off the a real Maine fair and let you know how the day goes.
Thank you all for being here and for being a part of my life in this world of "blog"... I am happy to have such wonderful, creative, inspiring women in my life!!


Nora Johnson said...

So glad for you, dear Tracey!

Have a good weekend,


justjoycee said...

Happy that you have found what we all are looking for.

jordiegirl said...

Hi Tracey

Thanks for commenting over at my post about the loss of my brother.

To answer your question about the name Eyles - I'm afraid I don't know of anyone by that name, I live in Worcestershire in Central England the West Midlands, not far from Wales but far enough not to know of anyone by that name, sorry.

However if you want me to look up anyone on old Census Returns please just let me know as I am researching my own family tree.

grammie g said...

Hi Tracey....was in Portland today so just getting to ya!!
You know life can go in many directions when we want to be the driver but when we let go of the wheel and let God do the steering...your heading in the right direction! Hug!