Tuesday, October 26, 2010

No Exact Plans!

Well, Here I am sitting in my living room at 6;30 in the morning and haven't got a job to go to today. Yes, today starts my 2 day a week job! Only 13 hours a week,,,plenty of time to do other things I suppose.
I have a room to paint, outdoor furniture to put away, cakes to bake, rooms to clean, crafts to make and a volunteer program to attend at 9am. So, I guess I have plenty to keep my busy, but not going to work seems strange. You get use to a routine. Starting your day a certain way and then attack the day as it comes to you. I'm afraid, that once I get use to working only 13 hours a week, I won't want to go back to anymore.
This is a turning point in my life. I believe that God has placed this opportunity to develop what it is I truly want in my life and what I have a passion and desire to do. So I am going to embrace this time and do the things I've been putting off and really enjoy a time in my life that I can totally grab hold of!


Kathleen said...

You go girl!
Your Sista

grammie g said...

Hi Tracey...Hard finding our way through this life isn't is it!!

If it wasn't for the Lord I'm not sure where I would be and I ask Him what do you want of me and I guess I still don't know or else I don't want to do what He wants.

Today I am going to have a C-Scan and a treadmill stress test at CMMC and see the neurologists!!