Friday, January 8, 2010

My Motivation

Well, here they are!!

My motivation stickers. Bought them today for 1.00 at the Dollar Tree!! Great way to start my weekend and I'll show you pics of the things that are going to get stuck!
I had a good day, Target, Goodwill, Dollar Tree and a great little store in a small town "What to Wear".. it's a little "boutique like" consignment store. I bought a bag full of clothes for 14.00.. love to get a bargin. I brought 3 bags to Goodwill, so I could buy one bag of "new clothes" for me to replace what I got rid off!!

Have a great weekend,, get a box of stickers and go for it!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How clutter filled is your life???

With the new year always comes the hopes of losing weight or getting organized, or getting your finances in order. Is it because we look at a new year as a clean sheet, a blank page to write our future, document our progress or just design a new lifestyle? Not sure what your new year will bring, but mine is the ongoing process of trying to pare down my life to get it to a simple, less cluttered place. I live in a very little house, with lots of stuff and the need to be very organize and utilize all the space I have, which is very little. I've tried for years and continue to give, throw and donate things I don't use anymore.
I recently saw an idea I love,,, put a stickers on items that are seldom used items..if you use it, wear it, move it, or touch it...take the sticker off.... it means you get to keep it for another year... if the sticker is still on the item..after 6 months...get rid of it. We are all collector of things,, myself included (love snowmen!!)...but how many snowmen do I really need... is all that "stuff" really necessary?? Is it contributing to my enjoyment or ease in life?? I plan on trying the "sticker" challenge and see just how much I can really live without and how much clutter I keep around for my own personal need.......How much simpler could your life be??

Sunday, January 3, 2010

How much snow...answer....LOTS!

Well, here it is Sunday...and it's so snowy, church is canceled..yup, canceled. Everything in the state seems to be closed today, except the malls...funny how retail establishments never close no matter what the weather. Yes, there are people who venture out, but come on, they should be closed for the safety of the employees, but they don't. I've never understood that. The entire state is closed, but we may want to go shopping so don't close the mall!!??
Here is the picture from my front door,, the same picture from New Year's Day only more snow..
I took the picture at 7:05am on Sunday!! Enjoy your day whether is snowy or sunny, clear or cloudy, warm or cold!! Have a great day... oh, and New Year Resolution anyone???