Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Case of Chaos

Well, here is a place not many people are allowed to peek into.... this is my room with a mound of clothes heaped on my bed.. with shots of my very messy closet, purse stack and other clothes is disaray... I'm working on getting this organized..
(see my stickers on my clothes)...I am going through and trying to keep only what I really can fit into and that I wear. It's been a challenge to donate things that I really love, but will never fit into or wear again. This is the beginning of my challenge to get more organize and reduce the clutter in my life. I hope to show pics soon of a more organized, scaled-down and clutter free closet with clothes I really love and things I actually wear and that I'm just not renting a place to. Good luck in your organizational challenges... have a wonderful Sunday!!