Friday, May 14, 2010

Busy, Busy....

As you can probably tell, I'm trying very hard to get back in the swing of things again...It took awhile, but I am coming around.
Today is a busy day.. Rhuematologist appointment this morning. Trying to clear out some of that clutter in the house and clean out part of the upstairs that is getting renovated. It's a big job and I'll post pictures of the entire mess soon to be in my living room.
Then off to lunch with husband,,, going to a new place called Marche. A fun new restaurant in Lewiston with great gourmet food.
Then we are going to see the new Robin Hood movie with Russell Crowe... I'd see Russell Crowe in anything!! (or nothing)

A busy day ahead and looking forward to being with the husband all day!!! Loving my life right now!! How great is that.. Thank you Lord for listening to prayer!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wii Fit

Recently my daughter let me borrow her Wii Fit... I was excited about trying this new device in hopes it would motivate me even more to get off the couch and exercise.
I got it home and plugged it in and followed the directions.... first you get on and it tests your balance, next it measures your BMI and your weight. Well, to my surprise, my little Mii went from a slender, cute version of me.. to a suddenly packed on the pounds version of gained weight before my very eyes.
Okay, now if that wasnt' bad enough, everytime I step on the board to start my session it says "ouch"... is it telling me I'm too heavy for the game??? Or just telling me I'm heavy???
Needless to say, it's been a while since I stepped on the Wii board to train, (my ego could only take so much)... but I'm going to try again soon to ignore the insult of it gasping out loud and just persevere.

Wish me luck and wish the Wii Board luck too!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Living in a mess....

Since about the beginning of April, I have been living in a mess. My upstairs is being renovated and it is costing me a lot in just messes!!! Not that the money is a great deal, it's just taking a long time and I am one not to live in a mess.

So here is the chaos I am living with right now.. one of the rooms is almost done,, no picture of that just yet,,,,,,.. Understand why I am not blogging too much right now.. my craft room is a war zone!!! Have a great day and love to all the readers out there sticking with me till I get my rooms finished!!!