Friday, August 13, 2010

A shift in the wind

Well, as you can see, I am changing the look of my blog. Not sure it's going to stay this way, but after an hour of playing, I'm still not happy with the design. I plan on taking my blog in a new direction. I have really been trying to pare my life back.
As you all know, I love shoes!! Yes, I LOVE shoes!! but I realize that I live in a very small house and the space I do have is precious to me. So I've cleaned out my closet and took about 50 pairs of shoes and am ready to rid myself of them!! Yes, I'm really getting rid of 50 pairs of shoes. That brings me to about 30 and I plan on weaning myself even more!

Also, are you paying too much for some utilities. I am. My cable / internet bill is high considering what I have. So I decided to call the company and ask for a reduced rate. Believe it or not, they accomodated me!! Dropped my bill 15.00 per month for a year. That's a savings of 180.00 per year! Wow!! I plan on trying to take more pictures. I think I hesitate to do that because not everything is perfect. But I'm going to try to let you know how we save and how I plan on reducing my bills, and increase our savings!!! Hope you like this new direction... I think I'll be a better blogger because of it!! Enjoy your weekend all!!