Thursday, August 19, 2010


Since deciding to change my ways and really begin to save and watch my money more closely, I came across this website and I love it!! I get emails each morning to dircet me to the Freebies of the day!! It's fun and you get samples, coupons and newsletters for free! I love stopping by each morning to see if there is anything I can use and just "grab it". I find it's always great to get some items for free.

I also thought I'd never have another yard sale as long as I lived. I was wrong!

My daughter is moving from a 7 room house to a 3 room apartment and can't take all her furniture with her. So,(since most of it was my furniture) I've decided to have another yard sale and sell it to get some money!! If there is money to be made.. I'm there!!! So, it's pricing, tagging and making signs for the yard sale to be held next weekend! Save, Save, Save,, have a great Day!