Friday, September 3, 2010


Though it might have nothing to do with saving money(believe me).. I had to post about my trip to Boston with my daughter yesterday.

We took the train to Boston and had a great time. When we got into the TD Garden it was wonderful. We walked over to Fanueil Hall and had a bite to eat before the show. We sat and enjoyed lunch and then walked over to the Boston Opera House for the 1:00pm Matinee. The theater was opulent! There was tons of stuff to buy, but decided to by pass this and head to our seats with a bottled water. Jessica did buy a Program with beautiful pictures in it and it was 20.00.

The show began. Now, I knew nothing about Wicked,,,not the music or the story. It was wonderful. The costumes were great. The music was powerful and the story... poignant. I loved it and the smile on my daughter's face said it all!!
After the play was finished we went back to Fanueil Hall, had a dessert, cannoli, and walked back to the train. Picked it up and had a drink on the train ride home. Back in Portland at 8;15pm... a fantastic finish to a perfect day!!!
I'll never drive to Boston again...the train ride made it easy and relaxing. Thanks Jess for a great day and for being a super, wonderful, fantastic daughter!!!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Updating on Projects

I've been very busy lately. I had my yard sale and was able to make some money.. which is a good thing. I bought my train tickets to Boston with that money...seeing WICKED on Thursday...can't wait!!!!
The garden is getting the better of me.
Tomatoes are coming in faster than I can pick.
Grapes are ready to be made into jelly.
My kitchen cabinets and the doors are being stripped and stained a great cherry red..(half done right now). I also had an old shutter and decided to turn it into a magazine rack.. love how it looks in my living room.

I also received some beautiful roses from my best friend and her daughter on Friday. The daughter is having a baby next month and I get to be grammie too!!!

And my first Freebie came in... a JIFFY cookbook!! Love this. Easy recipes and it was FREE!!!!

So a litttle updating on what has been happening and to let you know I'm enjoying my new found thriftier ways and looking to save money anyway I can by also reducing my carbon footprint!