Saturday, October 2, 2010

Redefining my life

Well, I suppose many of you saw this coming. I've been away for a while trying to really figure out where and what I want out of my blog. I think, in the past, I was writing for everyone but me. I've decided that it's time for me to write for me, and if that means losing followers, or not being interesting enough.. that's okay.
I have a lot of interest and I'm a very busy woman. My life is taking a new direction as my last child has left home to live on her own and it's just my husband and I now. Very different...believe me!
So, with camera in hand, (not always, I'm not good about bringing it with me).. I'm going to really post things I love, things that interest me and things that I create here in my home for my own selfish pleasure.
Do I get ideas from other blogs, you bet!! There are so many creative people out there, how can you not borrow these ideas and change them a bit to make them your own.
I've hesitated posting items like this, as I didn't want to be know as an "idea stealer"!!! But I know now that's what the idea's out there in blog world are for... sharing and using the fun, creative, and ingenious ideas that is "Blog World"... so, as for me.... I'm heading to a new path (again) and this time the blog will be about what really interests me and what I love... hope you will stick around~!