Saturday, October 16, 2010

A perfect ending to a unsettled week!

Yesterday was a lot better than the rest of the week held for me. I went shopping with my youngest daughter, and we had a great time. We went to Old Navy, Target and then lunch and then to the grocery store. It was fun to be with her. Since she moved out about a month ago, I've missed spending time with her a lot! One thing that has happened since she has left, we actually get along much better. We can spend our time talking about what is going on in her life, I let her lead and just listen (this is very hard for me)... but it's working!
We went back to the apartment she shares with my oldest daughter and I helped her put things away and clean up a bit. It's good to see her on her own, but I still miss the daylights out of her!

So, I came back home and my husband and I went to see the movie "Secretariat"...great movie.
I remember when he raced back in 1973, but the see the background story and see the race again, was wonderful! The story is so feel good, and about following a dream and never quitting. Made me realize that anything is possible. By the time we left the theater, both of us were teary-eyed. I have to say a great ending to a rather troubling week. Thank you God for reviving me and lifting my spirits! thanks for all the prayers too!! Love to all!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Challenging Week

After a wonderful weekend, this week has had it's trials. I am feeling extremely tired and out of sorts. Not sure what the reason is, but it has been a long and very uneventful week for me.
I'm not sure if the weekend just took a lot out of me or not? I have come home from work each night and just about dropped on the couch and fell asleep.
Changing seasons? Overtired? Not feeling well?? There seem to be actual reasons, but nothing I can really put my finger on.
I have put my zumba classes on hold, my Bible study on hold and have just wanted to nest in my house. Does anyone else go through periods like this??? I have another busy weekend coming up, and hopefully it won't suck the life out of me again..... am I getting old?? (yikes!!!)... I don't' think so,, just overextending myself and I need to pace things in my life and especially on the weekends.
Hope you all have a great day and this is post 190...only 10 more to 200. I think a giveaway is in order!!