Sunday, March 6, 2011

More Display Ideas

Start with some travel memorabilia , add some frames from the Family Dollar and you have a great way not only to display some great memories, but it makes great wall art as well...

(Travel Memorabilia)

 Great Wall Art

 Trip to St. Augustine, Florida

 Arizona Trip!

Enjoy all the places you travel for a long time,, this really keep the memories alive!


Connie said...

Great ideas! I have a tendency to put the things in a drawer and they're soon forgotten.

Michelle said...

Hi Tracey!! So sorry for not visiting in so long. I love your idea that you have here with the picture frames. I do that with things I even print off my printer but the travel memorabilia is brilliant!! Hope you're keeping warm. I can't believe you still have snow! xoxo

jordiegirl said...

What fab ideas - brilliant.