Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A week Later......

A week ago I was so proud to be able to have run a mile. I actually got it up to a mile and a quarter. Well, on Sunday I fell up the stairs, (yes up the stairs) wearing flip flops and landed right on my knee cap!! I can tell you that I cried for over an hour till my very patient husband said,,"We need to go get that checked out at the ER:"  So, off to the ER we went. Had Xrays and an exam. Just a bad bruise with lots of pain. So I sit in a knee immobilizer with pain medication till it heals up.... and no running for a while.

I'm not sure if all my crying was due to the pain, the thought of not continuing my running or the fact I was so clumsy.  Through it all, my husband was wonderful...the BEST!! I get reminded at times like this that I married a very patient, caring, loving man who handles crisis' very well. I'm blessed that nothing happened more than a bad bruise and that I have a husband who cares so much about me that I feel safe and secure.


Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

Ohhhh I am sorry!!!
I bet that hurt so very
badly ~ Aren't hubbies great!!
Feel better soon!!


grammie g said...

Hey Tracey..."Oh Sweetie" I know that's a bummer, I have been in that same position and I do believe that not being able to run hurts more than the injury itself!!
I am glad Jim is a patient loving guy!! You are lucky!!
Love and Prayers my friend!! &hearts:

grammie g said...

Did my heart wrong so heart it is ♥

jordiegirl said...

Oh dear, I'm sorry you have hurt your knee and can't do any more running for a while. You need to be careful on those stairs in future.

Hope you feel better very soon.

Michelle said...

Oh my God, Tracey! I hope you aren't hurting too bad now. Sounds like something I would do..."fall UP the stairs." You poor thing. Take it easy!! xo

Michelle said...

Hey Tracey, I hope you are doing better! About the candles, there is another one at Walmart I get (a three-wick for only $3.50) and it's the Vanilla cupcake. Gee, can you tell I focus on the FOOD candles? Lol! It smells SO good..not as good as the lemon poundcake but almost! Here's hoping that knee is getting better!

Joy said...

I'm glad it was just a bruise. That's wonderful about your husband--love those caring types. Oh, BTW, I am in Nebraska, not New England--you had asked.