Monday, April 18, 2011

Gotta make the Doughnuts!!

Well, my husband has been craving doughtnuts..homemade ones! I have never been a great doughtnut maker, but my mother used to make them for my step-dad all the time. So I felt I should give it a try. I got out my flour, cinnamon, nutmeg and other ingredients.

Got my oil nice and hot and then cut and fried my doughnuts!!
They may not look pretty, but they sure did taste good!


grammie g said...

Hey Tracey...well aren't you just an ambitious, good little wife lol
I haven't made doughnuts in a long long Mom made doughnuts every week, choc, white, and molasses they where all good especially choc,sugar coated, white ones with homemade wild strawberry jam...awww those where the days!!
Your donuts look yummy..hope Hubby likes and appreciates them!!

Love Ya!!

Sea Witch said...

Oh man, these look terrific. I want an icy cold glass of milk and out of the fat, hot cake donuts. No sugar, not a fan of the sweet, but oh, I do love hot donuts. Sea Witch

Joy said...

Actually, they look delicious, Tracey. My mom used to make donuts, but she would buy refrigerator biscuits, use a little donut hole cutter (that I have), and drop them in the hot oil. Then, lift them out of the oil, and roll them in sugar and cinnamon. Oh, were they good! I might try doing that soon.