Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bought a Treadmill

Well, I finally bought a treadmill. It's not the most fancy in the world and I did only pay 75.00 for it, but it's enough to get me off the couch and continue to train for my mountain climb in August. I love that it's so convenient, but not happy about it being in my bedroom. My room kinda loses it's esthetic with it in there. But, if it's going to get me motivated and keep me healthy, I can live with it in there. I am hoping at some point there will be another room to move it to, but for now I just have to live with it. I'm very happy to have it


Lola said...

Hi dear Tracey!

I'm so impressed with your plans for the mountain climb! Just looking at that treadmill leaves me panting for breath!!

Hope you have a really lovely weekend. Also that you enjoy my novel. I'm so pleased -in these difficult economic times for charities- to help Cudeca here in any way I can!


XOXO Lola & Nora:)

grammie g said...

Hey Tracey...I really like the new clothes rack you purchased...but I think for that use it might be a little pricey!!
Sorry I couldn't help that, but ever one I have seen in peoples homes are piled with clothes or jackets hahaha!!
I hope you get your butt on that thing and work it out girlfriend!!!
Have a great weekend..don't know when I see you again..Sunday is the graduation sooooo!! &heart; ya

grammie g said...

that is supposed to be ♥ but I forgot to add the s!!

Sea Witch said...

good for you. Hope you get lots of use and ready for your mountain climb. Sea Witch

Michelle said...

Hi Tracey!! Same here...sorry I haven't stopped by either. :( Haha...yes, we are still together. Jim kept noticing the picture and he's very shy and said he didn't like that picture of him but promised as soon as we got one together that HE liked of himself I could post it. LOL I would put it up..then he would go by and say "take that down!" embarrassed. He's worse than a girl that way. We are still very much together, some struggles with a few things but we get passed them unlike before. I think it's on my Vintage Sage....but he doesn't go to that one. :))

Michelle said...

Oh! Hope you are doing well yourself!!