Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Last August, my 20 year old daughter moved out of the house. Her 26 year old sister was already gone.. well, I thought my laundry load would lighten... yeah, right!
I think I have more and do more now than ever before. It seems that my girls only come by to drop off their laundry and pick it back up, washed, dried and ironed...what a service these two get! I don't mind doing it as I have the time right now. They both work and my youngest goes to college as well, so it's a gift that they get their laundry done and back to them within a day.... Should I be opening up a Laundry Service in my home??? Maybe?

I often remember my mother doing my laundry when I was living with her and how great it was that it came back to me all pressed and smelling wonderful. It just seemed like it was better when she did it. I suppose that is what my two daughters would tell me too.. "But you do it better mom!"... Ah.. this is at least one way to make sure they come by and stop in for dinner, breakfast or lunch!! I love my girls.. and I have to admit.. I like doing their laundry too!


grammie g said...

Hey Tracey...I could say something, but I won't hahaha!!
You are a sweeheart and I do hope they truly appreciate it...I hope they don't bring you some on Mother's Day!!! : }}}

Joy said...

I am sure you figure that is a small thing to do for your daughters--you love them and the love shows through your loving kindess and generosity. Besides, they stop by!